Tips and Tricks – Cake Smash

~ Find a store that sells 6 inch Birthday Cakes near your home. Walmart or Dillons sells very nice ones. You can feel free to make your own too.

~ Sometimes the cakes are frozen in the case at the store. It is best to buy your birthday cake a day ahead of time, and store it in your refrigerator. Then, the morning of your cake smashing session – please leave your cake out on the counter so it can come to room temperature. This allows the icing to get nice and soft and mushy…making it much easier for your 1 year old to make a mess of the cake!

~ What to wear?? A simple diaper cover looks great. Tutu’s on little girls are adorable! I have a pink one or you can bring your own. Cute t-shirts / Birthday t-shirts look great. A diaper and birthday bib or birthday hat is adorable too.

~ Feel free to bring extras like balloons, etc.

~ A couple more things for the session…please bring extra wipes and an extra outfit to wear home. I have a bath tub for you to use if needed but you might consider bringing some baby shampoo/wash.

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