Products – Memory Book

The memory book is our most popular product. It is a beautiful 8×8 photographic hardcover book with 14 lay flat pages. It will include a minimum of 14 images from your session.

Experience the difference in the rich detail of photo paper pages that have continuous tones that show the true detail in your photos. The lay flat books allow your photos to stretch seamlessly from one page to another without any of the image getting lost in the gutter between pages. Vivid lifelike colors from professional photo paper enhances the details giving creamy lifelike flesh tones and a much more richer portrait.

Our genuine photo paper pages are three times thicker than other books available so your pages won’t crease, tear or get dog-eared over time.

Unlike other albums that fade quickly as the years go by, our professional quality archival photo paper will remain bright and colorful for decades.

Here are a few tips on how to best care for your memory book. Following these few and simple steps, will help you [reserve your precious memories for a lifetime.

Store photo books in a dark area away from direct sunlight

Do not store in areas with high humidity

Fingerprints can be removed with a soft, dry cloth

The pages are true archival photo paper, turn them by the edges

If water gets on your photo book, don’t close it. Use an air blower on cool, and wait for it to dry completely before closing. Never wipe moisture from the photo book.

Makes a great coffeetable book for families or memorybook for seniors and children.

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