Grow With Me Baby Plan

Memories of a Lifetime

Your babies grow up so fast!  I know you have heard that before and you take every opportunity to keep those precious moments tucked away when you create scrapbooks and fill out those baby books.  But at Lange Photography we can capture those memories to last a lifetime like no other!  I want to create for you a portrait that is more than a photograph – it’s a priceless emotional statement of your child’s personality.  Something which brings a tear to your eye or a lump to your throat each time you look at it.

A Worry Free Experience

There is no rushing you in and out of the studio.  I want you to have the best portraits and allow time to take a break if needed so that your child can be refreshed.  I will spend extra time becoming friends with your child to make him or her feel comfortable.  This allows me to capture the most natural expressions.  You can help personalize your portrait session by bringing along items that are special to your child such as a teddy bear or favorite doll.  I also have a lot of props available – blocks, toys, tutus and more!

Unlike other portrait studios, I take on a limited number of sessions each month.  I have found that I can create a more meaningful portrait for your by taking the time needed to really get to know you and your family.  You won’t feel like you are being rushed through the process at all.

Grow With Me Details

When you sign up for the Grow With Me baby plan you will receive the following:

– A newborn portrait session within the first 10 days of birth; – A 6-month-old portrait session (or around the time your baby begins to crawl); – A 12-month-old portrait session  (this is the perfect time for a birthday cake smash); – $50 print credit at each session to be applied toward your print order; – The completed baby plan includes one10x20 storyboard with three images (one from each session) commemorating each stage of your child’s first year.

Each of the above portrait sessions are included in the package price of $250.  This is a significant discount off purchasing each session separately.

All Grow With Me baby planners also receive a 20% discount off a la prices for prints and other boutique products.

You will also have the following optional upgrades for an additional fee: – optional maternity session taken between 32 and 36 weeks; – optional 3 month portrait session (or when your baby holds their head up; – optional 3 month portrait session (or when your baby begins to stand);

Please inquire about pricing if you are interested in adding any of the above sessions to your plan.

Planning For Your Session

It is generally recommended to plan your maternity portrait session in the late second or early third trimester (27-32 weeks). You want to be clearly showing, but still feel comfortable enough to enjoy the session.

Your tiny miracle has arrived!  Newborn portraits should be captured within the first 10 days of life. About 6 weeks before your due date, contact me and we will stay in close contact.  Even while you are still in the hospital after the birth, we should discuss setting a session date the following week.

The day of your newborn’s first portrait session, please try to keep your baby awake as much as possible and feed the baby just before you leave.  This will help insure your newborn sleeps well during the session so that we can get those beautiful sleepy baby images.  Feel free to bring special items you want to include in your session.  I recommend you dress yourself in layers because the studio is warm and cozy to keep baby sleepy and comfortable. Also, don’t forget to wear something nice because we always like to include mom and dad in the portraits.

Birthday cake smash time! Your child’s first birthday portraits can include a cake smash. You can make your own or purchase a small 6” white cake.  Feel free to bring extras like balloons and a hat. Diaper covers, a bib, or tutus for girls are all cute things to wear for this extra special occasion. Don’t worry about making a mess – that is the funniest part! I have a bathtub to wash up afterward, but you might want to bring some extra clothes and some baby shampoo.  Much More information about all sessions can be found on the website under tips and tricks.


Oweda MartinezApril 20, 2017 - 9:39 pm

I wanted to get more information/pricing on the grow with me package. Does it include digital copies or just ordering prints? I’m due May 29th so I’m in the pricing phase. I would possibly be interested in adding 3mo and 9mo to the newborn/6mo/12mo package.

Thank you,

Jamie LangeMay 3, 2017 - 4:20 pm

It does not include digital negatives. Please contact me by phone or email and leave me your email address if you are still interested I can send you a brochure. Thanks.

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